Wednesday, July 23, 2014

איך נפלו גיבורים- How the Mighty have Fallen: An Open Letter to the Families of our Soldiers

Dear Families,
I never had the privilege to meet your child, but he is my hero. For most of you, I was born about 6000 miles away from where you child was born. And yet right now, as I write this letter, bitter tears are being shed from my eyes like an endless waterfall as a result of the acute pain I feel from losing a family member. My pillow is drenched with tears of sorrow. I cry because instead of being with you at this moment, telling you in person how grateful I am to you for the mighty heroes you have raised, and instead of crying with you at your Shiva house, I am thousands of miles away, in a country by and large numb to what you are going through. But you should know that in addition to the hundreds of people you have seen come to mourn with you, there are thousands more who you don't see, whose hearts are quite simply broken. There are tens of thousands more of your extended family who are crying with you. I wish I could have met your holy child. I wish I could have met the Kadosh who valiantly fought for his Eternal People. I wish I had the merit to meet the individual who sacrificed his holy soul for the sake of the security of the Jewish Nation. I wish I only could have met the person who inspires me to no end with his dedication to Am Yisroel.
      Obviously nothing I say can alleviate the unbearable pain you are suffering through. But you should know that as you cry, we cry. Your tears are our tears; your agony is our agony. G-d should bless you with courage and strength. 
I love you very much, and am constantly thinking about you. You are our inspiration, and may the holy soul of you child be for a blessing, and shine upon us from it's eternal resting spot in Gan Eden. G-d bless you all. 

המקום ינחם אתכם בתוך אבילי ציון וירושלים

With deep heart felt love,
Danny Wolfe 

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