Thursday, February 4, 2016

Life Lessons from Snoop: We are all Broncos

Dear Peyton,
         If ever Snoop Dogg, formerly "Snoop Lion" and "Snoop Doggy Dogg"decides to quit the rap game, he would do quite well to consider a career as a sports reporter. To call a spade a spade, Snoop was simply brilliant today in his reporting for the Rich Eisen Show. His question to Peyton Manning about trying to obtain a fifty percent discount at Papa John's was on point, as was his question whether or not Peyton consults with his legendary family members who also played the quarterback position. What's the secret to Snoop's success as a reporter? Said Snoop, profoundly, "Me, doin' me, I don't know how to do no body but me. Its hard doin' you but I could do me very well."
         How deep and wise these words are. Despite the fact that there are about seven billion people on this planet, not one of them is the same as me. I am totally unique; I have a unique physical appearance, unique opinions, unique thoughts and a unique role. No two individuals on this planet are the same, and this is as G-d intended it. Yet so often, people spend their lives trying to be people that they are not. They look around at other people around them, and say, "if only I had a house as big as Patricia has, I would be soooo happy! Or if only I could be outgoing like Rosemary, everything would be better in my life!"
        This attitude is a recipe for a life filled with misery. In order to live a true meaningful life we need to get to know ourselves very well, and be the best us that we can be. G-d gave each and everyone of us unique talents and character traits. It is our job in the 120 years we are on this earth to cultivate those talents and traits and to fulfill our unique G-d given mission in this world. Just like it would have been absurd for Snoop to try to approach his interviews as if he was Al Michaels, it would be equally absurd if I approached my life as if I was anyone other than Daniel Martin Wolfe. The Broncos are not going to win the Super Bowl because they all are trying to be Peyton Manning. They are going to win the Super Bowl because they all understand that they have a unique role and mission on the team. We too, must understand that we are all Broncos in the ultimate game of life. If we understand our mission and our strengths, just like the Broncos, we will thrive beyond belief. 

Forever Yours,
Danny Wolfe

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