Sunday, July 6, 2014

Goodbye Twitter, Facebook and Times of Israel.

      Three boys kidnapped, and murdered because they are Jews, and general silence in the world media. Rockets being fired at school buses filled with innocent Jewish children on a daily basis, and silence from the world media. A 20 year old Israeli girl from Afula stabbed 17 times by an Arab taxi driver. You've never heard about this, but it happened in May.  A man shooting up a Jewish Community center in Kansas City. A terrorist shooting up a Jewish museum, murdering Israelis visiting Belgium. And today, shots fired near a house occupied by Israelis in New Dehli.
     And now, what appears to be a cruel, grotesque, mortifying and horrific TRUE Blood Libel, minus the "libel", fueling the dangerous flames of anti-Semitism around the world to levels I don't ever remember before witnessing.  And, well meaning Jews posting articles and opinions about this which absolutely promotes further Jew-hatred. I can't take it any more. If I read one more news article, I will vomit. I am sickened. I am going to uninstall Twitter from my phone, remove Safari from my iphone and turn it all off- so that I can focus on being a good father and husband. Someone please wake me when this is all over. In the mean time, I am going to pray- with every ounce of my soul, for the well being of my brothers and sisters in the Holy Land, and everywhere else in this scary world of ours.

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