Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Terror Around the Clock

Last night as I went to bed I saw how one lovely gentleman posted on Twitter how he woud love to torture Jews, removing limb by limb as he basks in their slow and painful death. 

This morning as I awoke at 5:00, I checked out my Twitter feed. The very first thing that popped up revealed that since I went to sleep, 6 hours ago, two more Israelis had lost their lives, brutally murdered by cowardly savages. To their credit, the animals who committed these atrocities are equal opportunity monsters:   They don't discriminate against any particular religious affiliation, age group or gender. Yesterday they excitedly shoved an enormous knife into the body of an unsuspecting 13 year old on a bike. Today they brutally hacked to death a 60 year old rabbi with a machete. Elsewhere they excitedly murdered a sweet endearing elderly man in his late 70s. Last week they stabbed a toddler. Their savagery knows no limits or bounds. 

 This afternoon as I walked home from work, 6000 miles from my true home which forever holds my heart, I saw cars pass me by. But I wasn't concerned that the car would try to mow me down, like they do in Jerusalem. I wasn't afraid a mad man or woman would pop out of the car trying to knife me to death for no other reason than the fact that my heart was beating. I guess my assumption is that most normal people understand it's not nice to run over defenseless civilians. I figured that most healthy individuals on this planet realize it's not ok to lunge a massive knife into the skull of a young woman. But our Palestinian neighbors are not a normal people, nor a healthy nation.  They are a people who bask in their victimhood, who justify the most sadistic actions known to man as a result of their plight. And rather than condemn these horrific attacks, as 99 percent of the Jews condemn the  tragic, painful rare attacks that Jewish terrorists sometimes commit against defenseless Palestinians, they applaud them. Said Mahmoud Abbas, the supposed 'moderate' leader of the Palestinian people, "We bless every drop of blood spilled for Jerusalem, which is clean and pure blood, blood spilled for Allah."

Tomorrow I hope to wake up to reality that this nightmare is over.
May the memories of those murdered Al kiddush Hashem be for a blessing, and may G-d speedily avenge their blood, and protect our holy brothers and sisters in Israel.

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